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Which water heater should I chose?


Water Heater Buying Guide

Serving San Diego, San Francisco and San Antonio areas Atlanta and the entire US!


Water heater technology is changing-fast! No one wants to take a cold shower or have high energy costs. Consider the size of your family and the utilities in your area to choose the best water heater for residential and commercial types. Learn how to pick a water heater that will provide your family with reliable hot water. There are various models that are more energy efficient but that doesn't mean you'll find them the most cost effective for your family. So before handing out big bucks for a high-tech heaters, let us help you take a minute to understand how each style works, its pros and cons, and its projected payback. Our goal is to find the right balance between performance and efficiency for your residential or commercial needs across San Diego, San Francisco and San Antonio an all major metropolitan areas.


Maximum - The maximum recommended number of bathrooms is 4 for our largest water heater the 45-H Natural Gas tankless water heaters or the H-45 Natural Gas tankless water (natural gas and propane) or the IE-27, IE-24,IE-18,IE-18 Electric tankless water heater units. For gas water heaters for homes Less than 2500 SQ feet and three baths or less the IV12 models are best. Over 2500 SQ Feet of bigger 3 bath or more, we recommend the H-45 models.


More than 4 bathrooms - It is recommended that you purchase two units. One amazing fact about tankless water heaters, is that you can install as many as 22 units to meet your water heating needs. In extreme cold environments 3 bath rooms would be the maximum number of bath rooms we recommend for our units.


General Rules

> If your home has 2 or 4 bath rooms and you use gas (natural or propane)

the H-45 would be the best unit to purchase

> If your home has 1 or 2 bath rooms the I-12 would be best unit to purchase

************We now offer units up to 12 gallons per minute!*************



> If you live in extremely cold climates, we recommend that you move up one category to cover your heater needs

> If your home uses electricity and you have 3 to 4 bath rooms you would need the IE-27. for 1 or 3 bathrooms it is suggested you purchase, then IE-24

> For 1 or 2 bathrooms in warm climates (Florida, San Diego and San Francisco California etc.) You can use a IE-18 tankless electric water heaters for electric we only recommend this unit for warm climates only

> If you live in a cold climate (example Michigan or Maine) we would recommend this unit as well but for not more than 2 bathrooms

> All Other smaller electric units are only good for point of use, usage not whole house use. If you only need a point of use heater we recommend the IE-11. Point of use unit is for just one sink, single shower or RV, it serves only one single item. It is not designed for a whole house use.

> It is assumed that a home with at least one bath will have kitchen dishwasher, and washing machine. These are included in the calculations for which type of unit you will need. A general rule is that you need .9 to 1.5 gallons of water per bath room that you have in a room, however hot water heaters are engineered for higher use.


We do sell a IE-11 unit I only recommend for special use, it can handle one bath room with no problem. Remember if you have questions, just call one of our technical reps they can help you with all your questions and needs. Check the web-store page for specs. We offer the lowest prices for all units from natural gas, propane, commercial and electric residential tankless water heaters across Atlanta, New York and Houston areas any area in the US.

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H45 tankless water heaters

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