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Electric water heater 24kw iE-24

$385.00 $595.00

The iE24 24Kw Electric Tankless Water Heater is our introductory whole home model. Rated for 3 gallons per minute, this compact heater is

perfect for running up to 3 applications simultaneously. The iE24 requires a 240 volt electric service and has a max amp draw of 100 amps.



Along with the iE’s sleek and modern design, this energy efficient model is equipped with a safe multi-layer heat exchange which encases the water moving inside the heating element and preventing any possible contact with the elements themselves. This design protects the heater from sediment buildup to help ensure a long lifetime of providing an endless hot water.



Additional Features


Rated at 3 GPM

Requires 240 volt electric outlet

Unit Dimensions are 13”x5”x21”


96+% Thermal Efficiency

Requires no venting

Standard 3/4" NPT plumbing connections with no flow restrictions

ETL Certified

Advanced temperature control avoids temerature fluctuations and scalding

Activates only on demand

40 degree temperature rise @ 3 GPM

2 year limited warranty

Rust and corrosion resistant

Compact size

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